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Will Pompion was a human sorcerer who "led" a nameless adventuring party, best known for his dapper clothing and compulsive cleanliness.



Will is 34 years old and 6 foot tall. He weighs 165 pounds.[1] Average build, not athletic, but he can handle himself. He's described as "scrappy".[2] He is smart in appearance, and is obsessed with cleanliness and being well dressed. He has a mustache though the rest of his face is clean-shaven, dark hair combed back and brown eyes.[3] After his experience with the Swirly Man in episode 1 his hair has a shock of white at his right temple.

Personality and alignment

Will is True Neutral, but outwardly he mainly shows an interest in all things pertaining to Will and Will alone. Secretly he is a loving, devoted family man who looks out for the downtrodden, especially kids.


Will is most familiar with the Tivolian God Zol Berdia, the God of Forgiveness.

Abilities and traits


Common (entirely), Infernal (fairly well). Small bits and pieces of Goblin and Orcish. He can understand Draconic after some interactions in Chilchirah's cave, though he doesn't know why.


Will carries a billy club, but he mostly uses this as a light-source by casting Light on it. Being a sorcerer, he prefers to fight from a distance, often using his Eldritch Blast, and is rarely in the front line of any battle. He will usually be found on the periphery looking for a way to either escape or diffuse or leverage the fight in some other way.

Spells / Abilities

Eldritch blast, Message, Mage Hand, Light, True Strike (modified), Prestidigitation, Create Bonfire, Charm Person, Comprehend Languages, Detect Thoughts, Invisibility, Fly, Major Image, Dimension Door, Polymorph, Seeming, Creation, Suggestion


Will is from the city of Tivoli in the Bufflin Region of Six Rivers. He widely proclaims it to be the "greatest city in the world" to anyone who will listen. He is constantly frustrated and perplexed that more people are not in the process of relocating there from whichever hopeless backwater town they are currently living in.


Will has a satchel full of important documents, occasionally forged; quills, ink and other important and useful items. He also carries a punching dagger with magical properties that he can use to summon his brother Curtis.



Will will temporarily ally with anyone who will advance his own interests, although is suspicious of everyone. He is currently travelling, reluctantly, with the band of adventurers he met in Barovia.


Thought they're not enemies as such, Will has a complex relationship with Batthwack who takes a very dim view of Will's nefarious background. The two regularly rub each up the wrong way and rarely see eye to eye on most matters.

Will Pompion Facts!

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  • 1: This is Nowhere Near the Staggering Unicorn: Will is in his villa in Tivoli, enjoying a glass of wine and a cut of veal. He has a butler / The Swirly Man gives him a locket / Will investigates the locket later; "I know that it looks like it's my sister's broken locket" / "It looks like it's been damaged in some kind of way. You can feel that when you hold it, there's power in it. It feels like when you hold the locket you know what to do, but you don't know how it's happening."
  • 2: You Fool of a Pumpkin!: "It seems like a con [...] that's his whole life [...] they're gonna accuse us of kidnapping people we're gonna get totally screwed by law enforcement [...] because he has a history, he could be set up for some kind of execution or something" / "Bernard, my brother right under me, which would have been weird because that would not be something that would be in my sister's locket" / "As you are looking in the locket, there is definitely a change that comes over you. People can see the emotion; all of a sudden you're looking at a sibling" / "You know what powers you have, but you don't know how you know them [...] it's innate knowledge that you never had to learn" / Describing Eldritch Blast: "Black and purple, inky, swirly, smokey blast."
  • 3: Armpit Music: "He's not very experienced in the ways of things... Adventuring." / Will considering whether to unwrap the bundle of baby swaddling: "Will has been around a lot of death. And babies, children. He is sad." / Will uncomfortable being possessed by Thorn who is crying: "Can he be searching for his humanity and his experience with..." "Will has siblings." "Yes, he does. He has. And he has had small siblings." / Wondering how to get himself out of the current situation: "He's a selfish person, so he's going to be like, 'What do I need to do right now?'"
  • 4: Close Encounters of the Durst Kind: "You have a pretty diverse background in aristocratic families in Tivoli." / "Will will go along -- he's still snapping his fingers and figuring out how Prestidigitation works. [...] Kind of practices things that he's discovering that he can do" / Will snubs the secret room for his first desk encounter: "Will would probably actually be more attracted to the desk and kind of go through the desk" [...] Looking through the papers: "He didn't know how to run his business. I could have done it better." / On ignoring the treasure: "He's not a poor man. He's not an adventurer. He doesn't know what's in chests." / His interest in the demon summoning books: "Will doesn't really know or understand what has happened to him [...] he wants to go and read some things." / On not wanting to steal valuables from the Durst House: "he's being kind of dumb. Especially since somebody is apparently taking over his business or whatever. But he's not used to that right now, anymore. He's not used to that kind of life. So he's not going to take stuff." / Will has the "Dark One's Blessing" Warlock feature / Having killed the grick... "that will make him feel a lot more confident in himself" [...] "he's just relaxing and cleaning himself"
  • 5: Nobody Hits Ghostie in the Corner!: While resting after the fight with the ghouls, Thorn "comes up and he rests his head on your shoulder" KT: "I think a little part of my heart just melts a little bit. [...] I had SO MANY little brothers!" Eric: "Had." KT: "Shut up. I have one still." Eric: "He's not so little anymore."
  • 6: Sacred Flaming is Exhausting: After the fight with the shadows, Mydhryn looks weak. KT: "as a crime boss, you can't look like you're a weakling if something happens. You have to pretend that you're fine. So yeah, you can't show weakness." / "he's clean because he can clean himself" (with prestidigitation)


He grew up in Tivoli, eventually overthrowing the crime family running it. He ran the town for a while, until a mysterious "Swirly Man" (later discovered to be Madam Eva) forcefully took over in the guise of a rival crime boss. Before he was about to be killed by The Swirly Man's henchmen, his soon to be patron "saved" him and "requested" he go to Barovia to run "errands" for him and was granted him magical abilities to help him do so. He travelled in Barovia with a party of other adventurers, eventually defeating Strahd and then his patron. After defeating his patron he became a wild magic sorcerer, and started making his way back to Tivoli, with Batthwack as his body guard. His full name is William Alastair Pumpkin, but he goes by Will.