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Tomorrow, Today! is the large, faceless company who run Morrow's Inlet's Waterside.


The company maintains and runs most of the infrastructure of Morrow's Inlet's Waterside[1], e.g. imports/exports, docking, housing, inns and taverns, etc. The company also controls the flow of water from the river through the town, which is used by Crumplemeyer's Paper Mill on the Cliffside[2].

Marko, a proud Cliffsider, described the company as "a group of price gougers and extortionists that exist solely to both feed off the teat of Crumplemeyer's Paper Mill and make it very hard for us to do our work creating the goods that bring the wealth and fortune to Morrow's Inlet." He also said "Every drop of water we pay and pay dearly for." There are a series of underground sluices which Marko said are manned by Tomorrow, Today! "thugs" who control the supply.


Not much is known about the feud between Tomorrow, Today! and Crumplemeyer's empire behind the wall.


The Tomorrow, Today! employees found at their head office are attired in their own personal style but have name tags to identify them. Maggie is one such employee. Based on the party's encounter with her, the Tomorrow, Today! employees seem very highly trained in representing the official company line.[3]

The company also controls it's own militia who enforce law and order on Waterside. The militia guards wear a bright yellow and green uniform and carry short swords.[4]

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  1. aka "Front-side" to anyone living behind the wall.
  2. aka "Back-side" to anyone living in front of the wall
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