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Thagwen Drestegen (or Gwen) is a Barbarian/Celestial Warlock dragonborn. She is the owner and master confectionary genius at Celestial Confections on Waterside in Morrow's Inlet.



Gwen has the sweetest, most gentle disposition, however, she looks a bit... harsh. Her head is like that of a T-Rex or a Velociraptor – piercing eyes, a strong jaw, and sharp, glistening teeth. It can be a bit jarring to some. She has golden scales, and long, pearl white claws. She stands at a whopping 6'10", 255lbs and is built like a brick shit house. She wears slightly revealing white robes with red and gold accents. Her robes have a hood with a golden horn and a rainbow colored mane.

Personality and alignment

Good and Sweet to the core...just watch out for that Rage



Abilities and traits


Common, Draconic


Her Lollipop Quarterstaff - there must be something special about it.....

Spells / Abilities

Being a dragonborn of gold ancestry, Gwen has a fire breath weapon.[1] Also, apart from having some fairly significant magic-casting ability, Gwen is also apparently a skilled as a dancer having worked at the strip club Roladexaroonie[2]


Somewhere around Carnivar


Gwen carries a purple, glittery cloth pouch sealed with a flap. Using this pouch she is able to retrieve one serving of any confection she's ever made. This was given to her by Moondreamer while locked in a cell beneath the Tomorrow, Today! office.[3]



  • Kowl - Gwen's long-haired snow white kitty with heterochromia
  • Aleister Corneo - Gwen's tiefling apprentice at the candy store
  • Bella - a friend of Gwen's, although she did describe her as "not the smartest peanut in the turd", to which Bella took great offence.
  • Tess - an old acquaintance of Gwen's, apparently from a time when they may have both worked as dancers at the strip club Roladexaroonie.
  • Gwen has a patron in the form of a mysterious god-like unicorn called Moondreamer that she communicates with through Kowl.[4]


Anyone who is evil.


Gwen's clan is from the Carnivar region. The clan's army was very great and she proudly desired to join her father the king and her brother on the battlefield. Unfortunately her clan's strict tradition was that only the males were allowed to fight; as a female, her duty was to cook and provide for the clan and, when old enough, to bear future generations of dragonborn. She was feeling so disenchanted and frustrated by this that when she encountered the mysterious god-like unicorn Moondreamer and was offered powers to allow her to forge her own path, she chose to leave her clan.[5] She wanted to do good in the world and Moondreamer's patronage provided her "a path, a route and an exit from [her] clan to free [her] from nurturing and caring".[3] Doing so must have been a very difficult decision as Gwen would have been well aware that dishonouring her clan in such a way would mean she could never return.[5]

After setting out on her own she eventually ended up in Morrow's Inlet, arriving with nothing to her name.[6] To make ends meet, at first she worked as a dancer at Roladexaroonie, where she became friendly with Tess.[7] Having earned enough from that, she then put her talent at cooking to use and started her own candy store business as "master confectionary genius" at Celestial Confections on Waterside.[6] Gwen wrote to her mom, but never received a reply, not knowing whether she had even received the letters.[5]

It's during this time that the party first meet her. The group were in possession of a gnomish book that she is very interested in, as she's been studying the symbols on it's lock using another book.[8] Gwen gave a clue to her past life as royalty when Will offers the party a change of appearance, joking "Anyone else want to look like they have a crown?" and Gwen replies "Been there, done that, thank you!"[9] However, she does later state she's never been called a princess, nor does want to be one, and she doesn't wear a crown.[5] A little while later, Gwen used the knowledge she'd gained of the symbols to help the party unlock the book, which depicted Dew's missing family locked in cages. She also also made reference to her brother, stating "My brother always had really good plans, so I kind of learned from him"[10]

When Moondreamer appears to Gwen in her cell beneath the Tomorrow, Today! office Gwen apologises that she hasn't had a chance to "wield [Moondreamer's] might" and promises to accompany the party to make amends. Moondreamer also gives Gwen a magical pouch from which she can pull any kind of candy or sweet treat she chooses.[3] However when she later contacts Moondreamer again for advice, they disconcertingly have no recollection of the earlier conversation, suggesting that it must have been an imposter who spoke to her in her cell.[11]