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Seraphina (Raphina) Phalangepot is a halfling life cleric in the Life domain. She is a master musician, able to pull any kind of instrument out of her magical terrarium. No one knows how many instruments she can play, but she can play seemingly all of them.



Raphina has ponytails at the very top of her head right, about four of them all gathered together. Her clothing is described as being like a very colourful "patchwork quilt".[1]

Personality and alignment

Despite being about 60 years old, Raphina is very sprightly. She has a very exuberant spirit.[1]


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Abilities and traits


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Spells / Abilities

Raphina has a degree in economics from the Beartoggle University.[2]


Raphina is from the town of Beartoggle in Six Rivers.


Raphina has many treasures, often unknown until the moment they are required. These were originally carried / dragged in a large terrarium, which sadly was destroyed prior to leaving Barovia.[3] Notable treasures have included: Peace cheese, banana skins, fish for stray cats and sewing supplies (particularly for repairing wizards cloaks). Raphina sees treasure in many everyday items and collects things others would miss.


Raphina owned and ran a rafting service across the Beartoggle River.


  • "Hello! Raphina Phalangepot at your service! I'll spell that for you. You would not believe how many people get that wrong." - first line[1]