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Nicholas (Nick) Akankwitchu is an half-elf rogue. He is best known for his wide-eyed enthusiasm, loyalty and respect for the law. Always looking for acceptance from his fellow adventurers, Nick can be counted on in any situation. As of episode two, Will and Mydhryn referenced him as "Rick Dick Dong" when he used his superior stealth skills to sneak around the Durst house shortly after entering Barovia.

Abilities and traits


Nick principally uses a rapier, a light sword. During his time in the Whispering Canyon, his mentor was training him to use the warden's weapon, the Sword of Silence. However, following her murder, for which Nick was falsely accused, he was beaten and banished by the villagers, meaning he could never wield a heavy sword again.


Nick is from the Whispering Canyon, in the Worm region.


He was going to be the warden of his valley as chosen by the crickets, but one day two mysterious men came in and killed Helena, his mentor. While he tried to defend her, they killed her and knocked him out. When he came to, one of the men had assembled a mob and put the blame on him for killing his mentor. Utterly disgraced, his village beat him so he lost his strength so he could no longer become a fighter like he wanted.[1]


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