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This article contains plot details that are still unknown to some members of the cast.

Hilula Larella is a halfing and member of the Beartoggle militia.



Hilula is dressed in chain armor in the manner of a city/town militia member.[1] It was later described as leather guard armor, so it seems to have elements of both materials. Her hair is very short.[2]

Personality and alignment

Hilula states that she was a new but enthusiastic recruit to the Beartoggle militia when she and her compatriots were tasked with tracking down the "The Beartoggle Butcher".[3]

Abilities and traits


Hilula was unarmed when the party first met her (presumably because her lizardfolk captives took away any weapons she had), so Batthwack gave her the magical battleaxe sometimes known as Treebane (a magical battleaxe effective against plants) that he retrieved from the Gulthias Tree on Yester Hill.[4]


Hilula is from the Larella clan of halflings and lives in Beartoggle.[1]



Hilula has confided in Dew as the other relatively new member of the party.[3]


Will didn't trust Hilula as soon as they meet, though initially this didn't extend to any form of malice.[1] When he overheard Hilula and Dew discussing her plan to arrest Raphina in Beartoggle,[5] his distrust deepened and he began to look for ways to remove her from the party.[6]


Spoiler warning!
This article contains plot details that are still unknown to some members of the cast.

Hilula is from the Larella clan of halflings, living in Beartoggle.[1]

The party first meet Hilula when she is being held captive in the prisons of Chilchirah's lair. She reveals herself to be a member of the Beartoggle militia and tells the party that she was sent to the area to hunt for an escaped serial killer known as "The Beartoggle Butcher". Whilst patrolling she was knocked out and awoke to find herself locked in Chilchirah's prison. The party set her free, and while being introduced to the party, Will notices that Hilula momentarily appears surprised at Raphina's name, asking if it's short for anything. This seeds a general sense of distrust in Will, who at that moment strongly suspects that Hilula already knows who Raphina is.[1] Hilula assists in the battle against Chilchirah[7] and afterwards accompanies them back to Norton.[8]

Shortly after leaving Chilchirah's lair, on the way back to Norton, Hilula takes Dew to one side and reveals to him in confidence that the serial killer she's tracking is in fact Raphina. Hilula explains that the Toggle Dam was built and it destroyed Raphina's business. This was one theory as to why she lost her mind and began killing. Hilula claims Raphina has killed dozens that they know of, with multiple witnesses. Hilula recounts one time in particular when Raphina was witnessed in a busy square shooting someone with a crossbow bolt and going into a berserker rage. She says the killings suddenly stopped and so it was assumed that Raphina had left. Hilula explains that many Beartoggle militia have been engaged in the halfling-hunt, first searching nearby and then casting a wider net. Hilula was a new recruit and given the patch near Chilchirah's Lair as one of the less likely areas. She undertook her mission with full conviction but was captured and imprisoned. Imagine her surprise when she was freed by the very person she was sent to find! Hilula wonders to Dew whether the rest of the group are complicit, and says she knows Will doesn't trust her. Her plan is to get Raphina back to Beartoggle so that reinforcements can arrest her. Dew pleads that Hilula keep an open mind but says she can trust him and promises to assist her.[3]

Hilula accompanies the party out from Norton on their way down the Beartoggle River towards Beartoggle. One night, Will spies on a secret conversation between Hilula and Dew in which she says she expects to meet some of her compatriots as they get closer to Beartoggle. She says that when they reach Beartoggle the truth will out and justice will be served and Dew offers to help bring Raphina in when the time comes.[5]