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Beartoggle Lake was a huge lake northwest of the city of Beartoggle.


The lake is described as "very expansive", such that at it's northwestern edge, where the Beartoggle River widens into the lake, the city of Beartoggle in the southeast is only faintly visible in the distance. Dotted across the water are boats of varying sizes, ranging from small watercraft to large ships,[1] all in wide variety of colours.[2] When Millicent the worm first broke news of the lake's existence to Raphina, they described it as "massive", though they were a tiny worm, so...[3]


The lake was created when the Toggle Dam was built, reducing the flow of the Beartoggle River through the city itself.[3]

Episode Appearances


  • "There's Beartoggle Lake, which is massive. I don't know if you'd be ferrying anybody across that." - Millicent the worm[3]