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Batthwack Medrach is a dragonborn paladin. He is best known for exhibiting a cool, calm exterior while harboring a fiery, righteous ideology. Little is known about his clan or background.



Batthwack is a 6'7", 255 pound, chainmail-clad dragonborn paladin. He is green, has diminutive frills and a domed head, and carries a round shield on his back, all of which make him bear a striking resemblance to a turtle. As off episode 239, Batthwack has a 2D mohawk.

Personality and alignment

Neutral Good


Batthwack has worshipped Bahamut since an early age, but has always held a suspicion that his divine power may not be granted by Bahamut. He also wears a waterfall chain necklace, the links of which conjure the subconscious image of rushing water and one of the links near the front has an inlaid symbol that resembles a waterfall cascading into a still lake. This is the symbol of the deity Eldath. Batthwack says he made it when he was very young.[1]

Abilities and traits


Common, Draconic


Silvered longsword, javelins, round shield that resembles a turtle's shell, breath weapon (poison)

Spells / Abilities

Zone of Truth, Protection from Evil & Good, Cure Wounds, Command, Bless, Shield of Faith, Thunderous Smite, Find Steed, Locate Object, Detect Magic, Sanctuary, Divine Smite


Gully's End


  • Robe of Eyes
  • A chain necklace with a design that resembles a waterfall falling into a still pool (symbol of Eldath[2]]])
  • Deck of Illusion
  • Bufflin whiskey



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