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Airship Goodberry is the commercial airship that the party boarded after leaving Barovia, en route to Carnivar.


The Airship Goodberry consists of a long, elegant enclosed cabin for passengers suspended under two separate spherical front and back envelopes. It is drawn by two hippogriffs. The airship is described as well made, with very fine craftsmanship on the cabin. It's very sleek and aerodynamic. There are windows all along the side.[1]

The inside of the cabin reflects the same fine craftsmanship as the outside. The cabin is very well appointed with comfortable seating. There are two centre rows of seats facing outwards and other seats dotted around.[1] There is a hatch in the ceiling of the cabin near the rear that leads up to an area where two crew maintain the magical fires that provide the airship with lift.

At the front of the cabin, windows and a door lead to the Captain's area, where the hippogriffs are directed with reins. This area is open to the sky. [1]

A door at the rear of the cabin leads to a windowless sleeping compartment, where the walls are lined with bunks. These have curtains that occupants can draw closed for privacy. There are lamps that can be turned on or off. At the foot of each curtained bunk is a trunk for storing personal possessions during the trip.

At the back of the sleeping compartment is another door leading to the latrine. This is a small and simple room containing a toilet consisting of a hole in the bottom of the airship.


The airship is operated by Dimple Druid Airways, whose employees aboard the Airship Goodberry sport red uniforms accented with dark greens. The captain of the airship is Captain Ool, and his crew include Kee and Eba, two ibish spellcasters who maintain the airship's envelopes,[1] and Hank, the airship inspector. Brel, the ticket office attendant at the Barovia Valley Airship Tower also mentioned that the airship had a druid on board whose job it was to look after the airship's two hippogriffs.

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