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Before Will can reach his destination, he is unexpectedly enveloped by fog and spirited away to relive moments from his past, finding himself again as a young urchin on the streets of Tivoli, stealing a pocket watch and making a deal with the local fence, named Grady. Back at the house, the mists also transport Nick to various episodes from his life in which he comes of age and is selected and trained as the new warden of the Whispering Canyon, and tries to intervene when the current warden Helena is attacked by two black-robed figures. He is later accused of her murder and thrown in jail. Next, in another chapter from Will's past, he meets his brother Bernard and learns of a violent assault against their sister Madelyn before trying to dissuade his brother from taking the course of action that he knows will lead to his death. Finally, in Nick's vision, he is banished from the canyon, vowing to bring the mysterious robed figures to justice.


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