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While waiting for Brom to rest, the group tend to various important duties: Batthwack pays the bar tab, Raphina carefully releases her worm bait back into the wild, and Will explores the town, looking for investment opportunities. Dew takes the group to speak to Harry, only to discover that the aged elf has died in the night, but they note that he wore a waterfall necklace, as does Dew, just like the ones belonging to Batthwack and Captain Clockface. Suddenly noticing that their Strahd money is getting really heavy now, Will takes Batthwack to the The Lazy Currant to thrash out a deal to buy the place, and in an attempt to make the pair of them look like a great team, he casts Charm Person on Batthwack, but it rebounds and he himself becomes charmed with the dragonborn. A deal with the bartender is struck and then Batthwack seizes the opportunity while Will is charmed to sway their bodyguard contract in his favour.


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  • This episode was brought to you by The Lazy Currant, a normal bar that serves normal alcohol!
  • The episode title is a quote from KT. After Batthwack warns against making The Lazy Currant too fancy, Will promises it will be a great place for locals and travellers, suggesting it will be a resort. Alex/Batthwack: "What's a resort?" KT/Will: "Oh, Batthwack. It's like a place for fancy people, that aren't turtles I guess. No offense! Because guess what? You're the best turtle I know." Greg: "But you're not welcome at any resort."
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